Shopping Secrets of a Small Town

When I tell someone that I live in a small, rural town in South Carolina, one of the first questions I usually get is “what on earth can you do there?!”

It’s true that we are at least a half hour’s drive from a city of any great size, and our town doesn’t have a movie theater, a shopping mall, or for that matter – even a Wal-Mart!

But frankly, we think that’s a good thing.

Our entertainment isn’t derived from a generic store with duplicates of itself wherever you go. Instead, we look for unique shops and restaurants, the ones that small towns are famous for – those “one of a kind” experiences that allow you to see and hear and feel things just the way the small business owner and his/her clients do.

There are a wealth of special little shops and stores in the towns that surround us, and you can spend an entire day discovering new places and exploring the treasures they offer. For inspiration, take a look at some of the places found near Saluda, SC.

Coffee Shops

goodness-flows-1-pumpkin-pie-lattegoodness-flows-2-cupcakesLittle home town coffee shops have great drinks, unique ambiance, and of course – friendly guests. Goodness Flows is active in the community, and has strong engagement on social media. They participate in community events, support the hometown football teams, and encourage their fellow business owners.

Looking to patronize a small shop in your own community? Be sure to check out their Facebook and twitter page feeds – you’ll learn more about the business AND their community connections.

primitive-peace-5primitive-peace-4Unique Decor & Gift Shops

Some small town shops are tucked in out of the way locations and have occasional hours. To find such relatively low profile places, you’ll probably have to hear about it from a friend, or come across a post on Facebook. Once you do – don’t hesitate to check them out! Once peek into a little shop like Primitive Peace  and you’ll know you’ve stumbled onto a treasure trove of items worth seeking out.

southern-bliss-boutique-3southern-bliss-boutique-2Boutique Clothing

Finding some of the trendiest clothing and unique accessories is not only simple but even a treat when you shop little boutique stores in small towns. Southern Bliss Boutique (also known as the Southern Yankee) has a lovely collection of clothes, and is also a favorite haunt of southern moms looking for super cute clothes for their girls.

the-added-touch-2Home Decor and Accessories

the-added-touch-3Some shops just seem to have it all – specialty kitchen items, luxury towels and soaps, children’s toys and keepsakes, yard art, lovely accessories, trendy women’s clothing, candles… the list goes on and on. Finding a well established shop with a curated and diverse collection of goodies like the ones at the Added Touch (right) and Touch of Country (below) – both in downtown Saluda, SC – will make you want to linger in the store for hours just looking!

touch-of-country-1 touch-of-country-2

When we get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of life, we tend to look for the familiar, the convenient, and the quick resources to satisfy our needs and entertainment. But small shops take on the personalities of their owners, and offer a unique, personal experience – something a chain store can never do.

Spending a little time exploring new and different places can offer more than just a new place to “buy”; it can facilitate new interests, spur new hobbies, and perhaps even begin a new friendship as well!

Go out and explore the little shops around your own hometown – and share your suggestions in the comment section below. We are always looking for new places to go!

(Please know that the businesses listed in this post are NOT affiliate links and are showcased here solely at the author’s discretion. Additional local businesses will be featured in future posts.)

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