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What is How to Have a Normal Life all about?

In the ordinary course of things, having a NORMAL life is not a very exciting goal. After all, there are tons of images out there telling us we should have an extraordinary life. A great life. A successful life.

But if you’re reading this page, that probably feels like overwhelm to you.

I get it. There were times when all the pressure to have a perfect, fabulous life felt like a thousand pin pricks all around me – when I felt so bad that all I wanted was to be accepted and left alone and at peace.

I would have happily taken a less-than-average life over the miserable, not worthy-of-existence way I was feeling.

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Knowing how frustrated and close to the edge I was many times, I was determined to find a way to reach out to people who felt hurt and alone like I did, and share what I learned along my own journey. This guide outlines the strategies and planning that helped me not only get through it, but eventually create a life I love.

So if you’re wondering where to turn – here’s help.

Who Is This For?

This guide was created especially for women who feel like they don’t fit in. Who feel like everyone around is competent and assured and ready, except themselves. Who feel like deep down they have potential, but for some reason they just can’t make a go of it.

This guide is not about popularity, or making friends, or even achieving financial success. It IS about tapping into the real person you are and helping that person come out, and enjoying life WITH others instead of feeling intimidated BY others. (SEE IT NOW!)

It’s not a guide for getting out of a relationship that’s pulling you down, although it might give you MOTIVATION to do so. It’s not a guide for climbing the career ladder or making lots of money, though it may give you CONFIDENCE to try. (CHECK IT OUT NOW!)

This guide, in fact, is aimed directly at what it says: helping the person who feels awkward, different, alienated, and alone, to find her immediate, current goal of “normal”. Everything else can be built on that foundation.

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What’s In It?

How to Have a Normal Life begins with an honest, in-depth look at how you view yourself. In Section One, multiple approaches uncover different aspects of your self-esteem. Section Two is a collection of activities that help you remember and re-imagine your dreams of the ideal life you (secretly) have hoped for. Finally, Section Three brings together our current reality and our hopes and dreams, with a rock solid approach to creating a better life. The activities and insights you gain along the way will help you get past the challenges and frustrations that are stumbling points now, and give you the safe space you need to create a better life.

Section One – All About You

Of course you already know all about yourself… or do you? Sometimes our real thoughts and feelings are too painful, or too scary, for us to process on an easy basis. We tuck our real feelings deep in a shell of pretended indifference, sarcasm, or sweetness that serves primarily to keep us from experiencing those uncomfortable feelings over and over again.

How to Have a Normal Life offers a safe, gentle way to pull out your old ideas about your life and yourself and look at them objectively. You’ll find ways to examine the things that bother you, that scare you, that embarrass you, without feeling the sting of humiliation that used to be tied to them.

You’ll also find that your life is made up of more than bad experiences, disappointing relationships, and humiliating failures. As we pull away the barriers and lay our self-esteem and personal beliefs on the table, there will be good memories, positive relationships, accomplishments, talents and good qualities as well. Even if you’ve temporarily forgotten some of the good things in your life, you’ll uncover them here, and use them to help forge a better future for yourself.

Section Two – Re-Kindling Your Dreams

Ever feel like life has moved you so far away from your fairy tale dream of happy endings that you can’t even imagine having a perfect life anymore?

Painful experiences and overwhelming fears can obliterate our once-happy vision of what life should be. The activities in this section of How to Have a Normal Life will guide you to a safe resting point – a place where you can concentrate on what could be, instead of facing the realities of the current moment.

Here, you will recall your vision of a happy life, remember what inspired you and made you feel most created and passionate; things that made you enthusiastic about the future. You’ll learn to grab hold of these dreams, and craft them into realistic, achievable grown-up goals.

Section Three – Creating Your Plan

How to Have a Normal Life gives you more than just an objective look at your situation and your dreams. It also offers substantial, practical ways to overcome stumbling blocks you are facing now. It gives you positive, proactive techniques to deal with emotional and psychological barriers, and teaches you new ways to handle challenges.

One area that often trips us up and makes things seem worse than they really are is criticism (real and perceived) from others. Activity 25 addresses this challenge, and gives you specific steps you can take to handle criticism more gracefully, and even use it to your advantage. Check out a FREE PREVIEW here!

Of course, you need not only to deal with challenges, bu a way to build upon your strengths. Many of the activities in How to Have a Normal Life are designed to help you develop and nurture positive relationships, and to guide you in creating more positive thoughts and actions so that you can reach your goals.

In this final section, all the pieces come together to fit into a plan of action. You’ll follow a step by step process to create a “living” plan, which can be adjusted and tweaked as you meet your objectives. Learning to create and define new and more inspiring goals as you achieve personal growth is part of this process.

The Results

As you’ve probably been thinking all along – having a normal life will only satisfy you up to a point. In this guide, you can move from a place of hopelessness and struggle to a place of hopes and dreams. You’ll be able to set goals and set the plan in motion to get you there. You’ll go from desperate, to safe, to hopeful about creating a unique, exciting and fulfilling life of your own. And you will find step by step guidance as you move through this entire process.

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