Welcome to Twin Oaks (Virtual) B&B, where we offer you a glimpse into life in a small town in rural South Carolina. Let our virtual retreat inspire you to make your home more comfortable and your outdoor living spaces more inviting. Find new reasons to celebrate and nurture your relationships with friends and family. Explore the values and connections that can be gained through small town living. And discover opportunities to create happiness and find fulfillment in things that are truly important to you.

While our hosting is virtual, our home and farm are real, and we are delighted to share our quiet retreat with you.

 What You Can Expect When You “Visit” Twin Oaks

Twin Oaks (Virtual) B&B allows you a glimpse into life on a real working farm and country home. Here, you will find suggestions for:

Things to Do

Just like at a real Bed & Breakfast, we (your hosts) will act as concierge service, giving you recommendations and insider tips for what to do in this area. We will also offer plenty of tips and inspiration for seasonal activities and entertaining you can do in your own home. Gain a greater appreciation of small town living, family oriented entertainment, and available resources that you can find right in your own hometown.


Relax and enjoy beautiful entertainment inspiration and learn tips and tricks for hosting get-togethers with family and friends. I especially love garden parties, dinner parties, and tea parties – while my husband is much more of a grill out, kick back and relax sort of host. Regardless of the type of celebration, we focus on making the most of our relationships with others. Get rid of any ideas that entertaining is for show, and follow our simple tips for creating special occasions to enjoy the company of family and friends.

Life On The Farm

Come (virtually) experience farm and country life. You will enjoy up close pictures and stories of the antics of a variety of different pets and farm animals, including cows, chickens, and miniature donkeys. Whether you are inspired to build a backyard coop of your own, or just enjoy browsing through pictures of farm life at Twin Oaks and other country scenes, we promise you will come away with a renewed appreciation for the slower pace of country living!

Garden & Grounds

Be inspired by the beautiful gardens and grounds here at Twin Oaks, and browse all sorts of ideas on exploring and enjoying the great outdoors. See why a nature walk will help you unwind and unleash your creativity; browse through great picnic ideas that range from romantic to family fun; see how to get your family outdoors and relaxing with outdoor games, pets, and garden parties that you can do right where you live. Learn to appreciate the physical activity, sunshine, and connections with nature that outdoor living provides.

Enjoying Your Home

Enjoying a country retreat means relaxing in a beautiful, comfortable, elegant setting where your every need is met. Share our secrets for creating a home that comforts you. You will find suggestions for creating and maintaining a home that you and your guests will love every day of the year. Create a home that wraps you in comfort from the moment you walk through its door; a place that allows you to relax, unwind, and feel refreshed every morning.


A country retreat is more than a destination; it’s a lifestyle. Learn more about caring for yourself and for those around you, building family connections, providing a fun and healthy environment for children, and encouraging your faith. Above all, we hope to nurture your needs, so that you, in turn, will be better able to nurture the needs of those around you. We hope that you will gain inspiration and self-confidence from these posts.

A Little About Us


Hi! I’m Janet, blogger at Twin Oaks (Virtual) B and B! While the “Bed and Breakfast” part is virtual (although the idea of having a B&B has always appealed to me!), our home and farm are real.

My husband, James, and I have a farm named Twin Oaks on a small tract of land (approximately 30 acres) in a lovely agricultural community in the heart of South Carolina. While I am somewhat quiet and reserved by nature, my husband is outgoing, funny and can always find ways to strike up conversations with strangers.

Recently we made the decision to leave work in the public sector and spend time working on our farm, revitalizing his family homestead, and talking about how to make life better (from our viewpoint) in this blog. It is our passion to create and share a lifestyle based on Christian values, relationships, and appreciation for things around us.


Come on in and make yourself at home at Twin Oaks. We are delighted to have you here!